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I believe you are most familiar with the decoration. With the end of the New Year holiday, the temperature has gradually warmed up. Many friends who want to decorate have also begun to actively plan the decoration in spring. The enthusiasm of the decorators and businessmen who have been dormant for a winter is unprecedented. So what should we pay attention to in spring decoration? I'll give you a brief introduction to the spring decoration strategy

understand the home decoration procedure

according to the fitter, the home decoration project can be summarized into four categories: structural engineering, decoration engineering, decoration engineering and installation engineering. The specific process should be: first, the bricklayer should deal with the base course, clean the top, wall and ground, meet the construction technical requirements, and carry out the transformation of electricity and water lines at the same time. After the base treatment meets the standard, the carpenter carries out ceiling work. After the ceiling structure is completed, the joinery work, such as making wooden door and window frames, wooden parapets, etc., begins. When the joinery decoration structure is completed and has been painted with a coat of finish paint for protection, the decoration of the wall and top surface can be carried out

when decorating the wall, the installation holes and lines of air conditioners and other electrical appliances should be reserved. The floor decoration shall be carried out after the wall construction is completed. The floor, stone, floor tile and other pavement shall be started, and the skirting board shall be installed. After the pavement, the maintenance of the floor decoration shall be carried out. After the ground curing period, the painting and finishing of joinery decoration will be carried out. After the completion of the decoration project, the decoration project will basically come to an end, and then the supporting electrical appliances, facilities, furniture, etc. will be installed and placed, and the project will be finally completed

determine the preliminary decoration plan

generally, owners will run to the market several times before decoration. First, they have a general understanding of the price of goods and determine their own decoration budget. Second, they can choose their favorite products relatively. It is worth reminding owners that before going to the market, they must first have a relatively complete home decoration plan, because there are thousands of products on the market, and countless are suitable for their own homes. To achieve a targeted goal, they must have a plan. It is particularly important to be targeted when shopping in the market. It is best to understand one by one according to the decoration order

in the building materials market, first of all, we must make clear the specific location of each store or supermarket, and make clear the main business scope of various markets, and understand the marketing activities of the market as much as possible. It is also necessary to actively inquire or consult with friends, relatives, neighbors, colleagues and experts about the product market, and pay attention to brand products with high media evaluation. It is better if relatives and friends recommend them

in addition, when shopping in the market, you should not look at the flowers at a glance, but should understand the relevant contents in detail, such as: before decoration, you should understand the preferences of family members, determine the grade of decoration, and know what style you like, etc. At this time, owners can pay more attention to some home furnishing websites or magazines to see their favorite sanitary wares, building materials products, etc. When you are ready to visit the building materials market, supermarket or furniture store, you need to prepare some tools, such as a tape measure, which can be measured at any time to know well; A room type map can be compared at any time, or the shopping guide of the store can help determine the most suitable location for the products to be bought in the room; We also need a pen and a small notebook, which can record the specification, model and price of materials at any time for comparison

choose a regular decoration company

no matter how good the design is, it must be realized by good construction personnel. Old owners with decoration experience will suggest that it is best to find a formal decoration company for decoration. Besides ensuring the construction quality, there can also be perfect after decoration services. On the other hand, professional interior designers generally have more professional designs and suggestions for the rational use and planning of space; It can also issue detailed design plans and construction drawings to save materials and avoid construction blind spots

before choosing a home decoration company, you can collect the recent advertisements of home decoration companies in advance to understand the recent promotion measures; Collect the information of excellent decoration companies, and collect the blacklist of decoration companies with bad deeds, so as to know well. Then let more than two decoration companies come to their homes to measure, budget and provide design solutions. Maybe some owners think they know little about decoration, but as the saying goes, “ Not afraid of not knowing the goods, but afraid of comparing the goods ”, As long as you have enough patience and care, “ Layman ” You may soon become a smart decorator

choosing a decoration company is the top priority of house decoration. When choosing a decoration company, we should check three certificates to see whether they have the qualification certificate to undertake home decoration, business license and membership certificate of decoration industry association. It is worth noting that individual qualified companies often subcontract projects to “ Guerrilla decoration team ” Consumers should also investigate the office location of decorators

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