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There is an unknown scene in any industry, especially the decoration with good and evil people. These things are valuable information for Xiaobai decoration. Today, Xiaobian picked up the inside of the wardrobe to prevent friends from being trapped

1 the wardrobe board has a dark curtain

in the wardrobe industry, we often talk about E0 grade and E1 grade boards. The so-called E0 grade plate, that is, the European standard formaldehyde content is less than 0.3mg/ml, and the so-called E1 grade plate, that is, the European standard formaldehyde content is less than 0.8mg/ml. At present, the national recognized standard for formaldehyde emission of plates is that the formaldehyde content is less than 1.5mg/ml. At present, only a few companies actually use E1 grade plates. There are also some manufacturers whose plates are indeed E1 grade plates, but they are not really E1 grade plates, but E2 grade plates. After formaldehyde elimination treatment, they can reach E1 grade

2 crown “ Imported wardrobe ” The price of titles almost doubled

“ Oak ” It's actually “ Wood ”, It is just called differently at home and abroad. After the wood is planed and processed, it can be made into a solid wood wardrobe or a solid wood composite wardrobe. Because the texture is straight and slightly staggered, and the strength and toughness are high, it is very popular. Moreover, oak wood is indeed mostly from Europe, mainly imported from Russia. However, just because wood is imported, we can't change the concept secretly, that is to say, it is imported. Foreign labels are almost everywhere, and consumers can't be prevented. Many businesses always skillfully exploit loopholes and brush the edge,. Therefore, we must wake up and polish our eyes to see whether this is a real foreign product or a fake foreign product

3 there is a problem with pricing. There are two kinds of pricing methods. One is based on the expanded area, which is calculated based on the area of each plate. The other is the flower calculated according to the projected area and the cabinet with a depth of 600mm, which is calculated by multiplying the length by the width by the coefficient (generally 3). The two kinds are similar. The key lies in the area. Most people don't check it carefully, so businesses will take advantage of loopholes and calculate a lot of area, so when paying, check it by themselves and spend less money wrongly

4 process production is mainly based on self-interest

top sealing plate. Generally, the wardrobe will not be directly top, and there is a top sealing plate to decorate, but it is abnormal if it exceeds 10mm. Some designers are afraid of making mistakes or meet the company's dimensions, and there are many reservations. Some companies or carpenters will suggest that the track be installed directly on the floor and the door be moved directly to the wall, which will create more space, but few. The wardrobe structure is incomplete and will shake over time. If the door is heavy and the wardrobe is wide, try to use 25mm thick side plates

5 get a rebate, 8000 can buy, and finally spend 10000

if you take a designer or foreman to buy, you may get a rebate. A wardrobe that costs 10000 may be a rebate of 1000 to 2000. Many designers would make some secret signs, or leave business cards, and privately communicate with businesses to return points. Some people may think it's normal for designers to take kickbacks. After all, they spend a long time with you. But if you know that the merchants add this money to the transaction price in order to maintain their own interests, can you still calm down




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