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Beach scenery will be the envy of many people. If you build your home into the taste of the sea, so that you can enjoy the beauty of the sea without going to the beach, is it a lot of good enjoyment? Today, Xiaobian will take you to see the decoration effect drawing of three bedrooms and two halls in the Mediterranean of poly Raffi's home. The decoration cost of 80000 all inclusive makes the owner very satisfied

style analysis: Mediterranean style furniture was quickly accepted by people in large regions outside the Mediterranean with its very friendly pastoral style, soft colors and atmosphere of combination. Of course, design elements cannot be simply pieced together, but must have the soul of style running through them. The soul of Mediterranean style, at present, is more consistent with the view that "the romantic feelings of azure, the pure beauty and nature of the sea and sky, sunny"

decoration files: Decoration community: Poly Lafite (more poly Lafite decoration effect pictures) decoration company: zimingdu decoration house type: three bedrooms and two halls decoration method: all inclusive decoration style: Mediterranean decoration cost: 80000

poly Lafite Mediterranean three bedrooms and two halls bathroom decoration effect picture

the light blue bathroom gives people a clean and fresh feeling, and the bathtub is covered with transparent shaman, giving people a hazy beauty

decoration effect drawing of poly Raffi Mediterranean three bedroom two hall bathroom restaurant. Xiaobian likes the design of this restaurant very much. It's very beautiful, especially with the feeling of the Mediterranean. The highlight is the dining table. It seems that the purchase of furniture is really important. Placing flowers on the table not only plays a good decorative role, but also makes people feel good after seeing it

[decoration list of the owner's home]:

floor: nature e0241v three-layer solid wood composite floor cropolis eggplant e0241v

89 yuan/square meter [Click to buy]

bathroom: shower room: Jiumu bathroom price 2999 yuan; Toilet Jiumu sanitary ware: 899 yuan/set; Bathroom rack, hook: Jiumu bathroom, 358 yuan in total

tiles: Marco Polo tiles, 7.8 yuan/piece, mosaic, 4980 yuan in total for the whole room

Wallpaper: Ruibao wallpaper 198 yuan/roll

porch shoe cabinet: Sophia wardrobe 2800 yuan

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