The most popular coating and paint prices in March

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In March, the price of paint and paint rose along with the oil. People who started decoration this spring should pay more for the price rise of various decoration materials. The information collected from all aspects shows that the prices of materials such as plates and paints have been rising since years ago

it was learned from a large paint supermarket on Qiutao Road in Hangzhou that since last year, the oil price has been rising all the way. As the off-line products of oil, paint and coating also closely followed the rising market of raw materials at the end of 2004, with an overall increase of about 15%. Since the price of polypropylene materials rose once last year due to its own structure and considering the characteristics of using plastic products in Internet consumption, the price of paint and coating has remained unchanged. However, with the oil price reaching a new high this year, it is inevitable that the price of paint will rise. It is understood that among the various materials to be purchased for decoration, the price of paint has been set relatively dead, and there is little room for bargaining. Before the price of oil has not risen, consumers still have some room for bargaining when purchasing, but now there is almost no room for bargaining. With the oil price rising all the way through the replacement of different auxiliary equipment, the purchase price of paint dealers increases. If the sales are not increased but the stable price is achieved, the profit is actually very low

consumers usually take one group of paint as the unit of measurement. According to the calculation of the personnel of the Engineering Department of the decoration company, the price rise of about one group of paint is about 10% ~ 20%. If latex paint and wood paint are counted together, a family will have to pay about 300 ~ 400 yuan more for the increase in paint prices

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