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2010 Shanghai WorldExpo paint application becomes a highlight

the "2010 China (Shanghai) architectural paint Development Summit Forum" will be held in Shanghai from October 11 to 14, 2010. What attracts the most attention is the panoramic scanning and interpretation of new paint products and functions for the Shanghai WorldExpo venues made by industry experts. At the same time, the delegates will observe the application of paint in the WorldExpo venues through on-site observation, To discuss the cutting-edge technologies and new materials in the building coating industry

according to the organizer, the coating of Shanghai WorldExpo has become a new highlight. One of the highlights is that the fluorocarbon coatings for the internal and external walls of the China Pavilion are all provided by Shanghai Sanyin paint Co., Ltd. With its excellent product performance, perfect coating engineering solutions and good cost performance, "three silver coating" stands out from many well-known coating enterprises at home and abroad, especially latex products, and has become the designated interior and exterior wall coating product of the "China Pavilion". The interior wall paint is mainly white, and the exterior wall paint is first applied with gray paint, and then the "China Red" aluminum base plate is hoisted

the second highlight is PPG's French Pavilion for the application of ultra-low VOC interior wall coatings in sunnyvalet. As the exclusive paint supplier of the French Pavilion, PPG provided shennuilienot ultra-low VOC interior wall paint to decorate and protect the interior walls, corridors, waiting areas, toilets and kitchens of the entire Pavilion, with an interior wall coating area of 15000 square meters

in order to select the most appropriate color effect and better reflect the design concept of "perceptual city", PPG's color experts have conducted in-depth discussions with the head of the French Pavilion for many times, and determined that the mainstream Brazilian color of the French Pavilion, which is in the fierce battle of the world cup, is white. More importantly, the ultra-low VOC interior wall paint supplied by PPG will ensure that the air in the pavilion is fresh and clean

the third highlight is that Nippon Paint has settled in the "eco home" in Shanghai. "Ecohome" is an ecological demonstration building in Shanghai. The whole building is composed of 8 different forms of housing and exhibition halls. It will be available for visitors during the Expo. The presentation of the latest technological achievements at the Shanghai WorldExpo in Shanghai "they have made great contributions to the cost control, weight reduction and comfort improvement of automotive products" means that Nippon stands out among many similar brands with its product characteristics of safety and environmental protection

Nippon has been able to settle in the "ecohome" thanks to its two major technology platforms. One is the membrane anti pollution magicshield technology platform. The technical advantage is that the construction is as simple as the traditional emulsion paint, the coating is hard and wear-resistant, the touch is soft and smooth, the anti pollution is easy to decontaminate, and the anti polishing performance is good; The second is the "self-cleaning spotless" coating technology platform with full effect, ultra-low VOC and long-term antibacterial effect. This technology can increase the hydrophobicity of the film surface, make the film more dense, and make it more difficult for water-based stains to stay on the film surface. At the same time, the odor purification technology can greatly reduce the residual odor and VOC content in the product; Cooperate with anti bio technology to ensure that the film has a longer antibacterial function and a safer place to use

in addition, the coatings of Nanjing Intertek, Shanghai crocodile, Henan Dayu, Finland Fenlin, US Xuanwei, Germany Erick, US Dennis, Shanghai Kailin, Dalian Yuxiang, Guangdong meitushi, a truth is very simple, ksobel and other enterprises have appeared one after another in the construction venues of the Shanghai WorldExpo, which will also become a place for delegates to observe and observe

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