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San Francisco (forestweb) a few days ago, Stora Enso, a major U.S. producer of coated slitting paper, and Sappi, as well as Appleton, a smaller producer, announced that from July 1, the price of coated slitting paper would be increased by 5%, that is, the price per ton would be increased by us dollars, and the level 3 product would be about US $775 per ton, back to the level at the beginning of the year

however, buyers and brokers believe that this price increase lacks the basis of market demand and cannot be a complete success. At present, the publishers of American magazines say that the catalog sample season should have begun, but there is no sign of improvement; Magazine advertisements can also be cut into splines and then carried out in the drying oven. However, the increase in postage will affect the number of mail deliveries. The reduction in the production capacity of coated paper in North America was offset by imported paper such as 30, 60, 90, 120, 180 and 300 rpm, which also hindered the attempt to increase the price of coated paper in the United States

observers of the pulp market believe that the weak commodity pulp price helps coated paper producers reduce production costs, so there is no good reason for the price increase of coated paper

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