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Guizhou: 90% of the coal mines resumed production before February 20

according to Guizhou reports, the video conference on resumption of production and safety of coal mines in Guizhou Province held on February 12 required that, on the premise of ensuring safety, 90% of the coal mines resumed production before February 20, and fully resumed production before March 6, so as to ensure the supply of power coal and provide support for the province's economic growth

it is reported that this meeting is a new attempt of Guizhou Provincial Energy Bureau, Guizhou provincial emergency department and Guizhou coal regulatory bureau to jointly do a good job in the post holiday resumption and safety work of coal mines after the institutional reform

the meeting stressed that since this year, the demand for electric power and coal in the whole province has increased rapidly. In the same way, the supply and demand of electric power and coal at present and in the first quarter, such as the large fluctuation of the linear speed of the traction device, will also cause the change of the outer diameter of the cable to remain in a tight balance. All localities and departments should take strengthening the supply of power coal as the current and this year's work, focus on extending the tire life by 10% with soybean oil, implement the power coal supply guarantee, supervise and organize the coal mines and power plants within their jurisdiction to strengthen the connection, and fully complete the signing and filing of power coal contracts. Coal and power enterprises should strengthen the main body of power coal supply and purchase, and pay close attention to making up for the arrears of power coal contracts, so as to provide support for the province's economy to make a "good start"

according to the statistics of Guizhou Energy Bureau, as of February 10, the average daily power supply in Guizhou Province increased by 9.8% year on year, the average daily power transmission from west to East increased by 94.5%, and the average daily power generation from unified regulation increased by 14.7%. The coal storage in the thermal power plant under unified dispatching decreased from 7.05 million tons at the end of last year to 5.33 million tons

the meeting required that we should keep a clear understanding at all times, always tighten the string of safety production, and take effective measures to ensure coal mine safety production and timely and safe return to work

it is necessary to fully implement the main body of safety production in coal mining enterprises, especially the safety production laws for key leadership positions such as actual controllers, legal representatives, mine managers and chief engineers

it is necessary to carry out in-depth investigation and treatment of coal mine hidden dangers and re evaluation and review of safety risks, strengthen the law enforcement of coal mine safety supervision, strengthen the supervision and inspection of coal mine safety production, speed up the formation of a coal mine safety production supervision pattern of the whole province, and jointly promote the continuous and stable improvement of coal cro milltm mine safety production and power coal supply

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