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Yancheng Binhai Port Economic Zone, Jiangsu Province, governs garbage and optimizes the ecological environment. We sincerely welcome all users to visit our company and negotiate with us. Release date: Source: Jiangsu Binhai

Yancheng Binhai Port Economic Zone, Jiangsu Province, always adheres to the principle of quality first and people's satisfaction. According to the principle of timely transportation The appeal is to show people a new face that is full of vitality and does not need to replace the lead wire to discharge the imagination of the capacitor in case of short circuit. According to the requirements, take multiple measures to control garbage and constantly optimize the ecological environment

strengthen the cleaning team. Enrich the strength of the cleaning team, improve the mechanism of individual recommendation, mass recommendation and organizational recommendation, and ensure that the cleaning team can significantly improve the recycling rate of plastic packaging materials, and select the best from the best. Check the entrance and give priority to local farmers with good ideological quality, strong heart and good health as cleaners in each village. The employment system and dynamic management shall be implemented for the cleaners, and the cleaners with poor working spirit and incompetence shall be adjusted in time. In accordance with the requirements of standardized management and in combination with the actual work, the jurisdiction of each cleaner shall be delimited, and clear requirements shall be put forward for the cleaning time, cleaning standards and clothing, so as to be clear about what to do and how to do. Regularly carry out business training to improve business level

increase the frequency of supervision and assessment. Carry out the management mechanism of "quarterly assessment" and "year-end evaluation", evaluate the ideological quality, duty performance, work style and public recognition of the cleaning team, and master the actual performance. At the end of the year, organize group leaders, Party members and villagers' representatives to conduct a year-end democratic evaluation on the cleaning team. An assessment and supervision team shall be set up, and village level supervisors shall be set up in each village to regularly supervise and inspect the cleaning work within the region, focusing on the places that are easy to be ignored, such as ditches and ponds, remote villagers' groups, back streets and alleys. The problems found in the supervision and inspection shall be timely fed back to the cleaners through the environmental sanitation workers and rectified within a time limit. Villages and sanitation workers with many problems in previous inspections will be rewarded and punished according to the assessment methods

strengthen publicity and guidance. In terms of publicity, the villagers were urged to do a better job of environmental sanitation in front of their houses by writing campaign signs, making health improvement brochures and issuing them, calling on them to pay attention to civilized image, solve domestic garbage and environmental sanitation in front of and behind their houses, and create a clean, tidy and good harmonious environment for the rapid economic development of the whole region. Each village actively publicized the knowledge of waste classification, source reduction and waste treatment through household visits, night schools, people's congresses and other forms, through electronic display screens, banners, radio, billboards and other means, effectively improving the consciousness of environmental protection. At the same time, a complaint handling mechanism was established to actively respond to the concerns of the masses

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