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Filling with solid materials (Part 2)

1. counting method with regular arrangement of packaged articles

(1) accumulation counting method

enables articles to have a certain regular arrangement, and take out according to a certain length, height and volume to obtain a certain quantity. This method is often divided into the following:

a. length counting method

this counting method is commonly used in biscuit packaging, Matchbox packaging, cloud cake packaging, cigarette packaging, etc. The measuring method is that the materials are sent to the measuring chamber through the conveyor, and the end is provided with an electric contact or a mechanical control device. When the packaged materials arrive at the end, the control device is forced to generate a signal to make the propeller act, and the materials required to be measured are pushed onto the packaging materials for packaging, as shown in the figure. Due to the regular shape and definite geometric dimensions of such articles, the length, thickness and width of their several packages, boxes and blocks also have definite values. A certain number can be obtained only by selecting the length of the push plate. Generally, strict environmental protection control while pushing the plate is more conducive to the optimization of industrial structure. The length of the overlap less than the specified number of boxes shall prevail

as shown in the figure, it is another form of length counting method. A certain number can be obtained by reciprocating the push rod once

b. the volume should pay attention to the differential counting method of joint oil leakage and cylinder plug oil leakage

this method is usually used for counting and measuring on cigarette packet machine and match packing machine. The figure shows that the match stems in the match packing box are installed in the silo in sequence. The silo is driven by the cam mechanism to vibrate to avoid bridging, so that the match rod can smoothly fill the measuring chamber. The opening and closing time of the gate is controlled by the cam mechanism, After the measuring matchstick in the chamber is sent into the box, the gate is closed to block the passage between the silo and the measuring chamber, and the measuring process is completed. This method of measurement can reach approximately the same number

c. stacking counting method

stacking counting method is mainly used for different varieties, and each variety has a certain number of counting packages, as shown in the figure. For example, in the four hoppers, there are four different colors of packaging items, one package for each. The measuring ship moves intermittently, moves one grid, and sends a package from the hopper to the ship. After moving four times, it completes the packaging of four different colors for each large package. This method can also be used for counting and packaging of materials with certain differences in shape and size

(2) counter

the device that makes the articles orderly and regularly arranged and counts one by one is called a counter. There are two common types: mechanical counter and photoelectric counter

2. counting method for disorderly packaging materials

this method mainly has three forms, namely, the turntable counting method, the wheel counting method and the counting scale method

turntable counting method. This method mainly uses a special quantitative disc to measure the amount of filled materials. This kind of turntable can make several groups of measuring holes according to the required spacing and size. When the quantitative disc operates continuously or intermittently under the drive of the driving device, each group of measuring holes receives materials under the hopper, one particle per hole. When it is turned to the discharge port, the materials will be automatically discharged and filled into the container. This method is suitable for quantitative automatic packaging of granular products such as tablets, chocolate, candy, steel balls and buttons, and has high filling efficiency

the measuring principle of the runner counting method is basically the same as that of the rotary table. The eyelet (blind hole) is on the runner, and the runner automatically fills the measuring eyelet by rubbing in the hopper. It can be used for automatic packaging and metering of granular materials with relatively small diameter, such as sugar beans, steel balls, buttons, etc

counting scale counting method, which is a kind of scale manufactured by using the lever principle. The counting principle of the scale is: various forms of unequal arm scales, such as 10% scale or 100% scale, are used. When measuring objects on these scales, Chinese enterprises have the talent to produce their own plastic extrusion machinery, the weight of the weight used to be stable with the measured object can be 1/10 or 1/100 of the measured object. The measured quantity of items is placed on the load-bearing device, while the same items used for stability are placed on another small heavy plate. Then multiply the number of items on the plate by the arm ratio (10, 100, etc.) shown on the scale to obtain the number of items on the load-bearing device. On a similar scale, if its arm ratio is 10 or 100, it can also measure the quantity of 10 or 100 times of the articles, which is the quantity of articles

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