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Taizhong Binhai heavy equipment development base started construction in Lingang Industrial Zone

the equipment manufacturing industry in Binhai New Area injects new strength. On the 15th, the commencement ceremony of Taizhong (Tianjin) Binhai heavy equipment development base project was held in Lingang Industrial Zone. Relying on the excellent port transportation advantages of the port industrial zone, the project will focus on independent innovation in major equipment fields such as large port machinery, shipbuilding gantry crane and lifting transportation equipment, sea and land wind power generation equipment, large forging equipment and large pressure vessels, so as to meet the needs of national key construction projects and contribute to the development of equipment manufacturing industry in Binhai New Area

"with the accelerated process of global integration, the structure and operation method of concrete pressure testing machine are developing towards large-scale, super large and extreme manufacturing, and the final assembly and transportation of super large structure have gradually become the key bottleneck restricting the development of enterprises..." according to the introduction of the head of Taizhong (Tianjin) Binhai Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., after various comparisons, the investment project in the port industrial zone was finally selected, It is the superior industrial environment and geographical advantages of Binhai New Area

it is reported that the stalemate between the supply and demand sides of the national super large market is obvious. Taiyuan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., a backbone enterprise, is the first heavy machinery manufacturing enterprise designed and built by new China, and the first listed company in China's heavy machinery industry. The company signed an investment contract with Tianjin Lingang Industrial Zone in June this year to build Taizhong (Tianjin) Binhai heavy equipment development base project. The project will invest 2billion yuan in advance to build a port heavy equipment development, assembly and export base covering 1million square meters and with a 1km coastline, and build a heavy equipment R & D center in the Binhai New Area. After the completion of the project, the new annual sales revenue will reach 10billion yuan, realizing the goal of "too heavy"

as a large number of equipment manufacturing enterprises including Taiyuan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. can also be used in the plastic industry, they have settled in the port industrial zone. At present, the region has formed a heavy equipment manufacturing industry cluster with large-scale offshore engineering modules, large-scale wind power equipment, large-scale nuclear power equipment, Vickers hardness tester and Brinell and Rockwell hardness tests, port machinery and equipment, complete sets of chemical equipment, and high-tech submarine cables as the leading products. It is reported that the port industrial zone will continue to improve the supporting environment of the equipment manufacturing zone, further strengthen the introduction of equipment manufacturing projects, cooperate with the rapid commencement, construction and production of projects, form a scale effect, and build the largest equipment manufacturing base in northern China as soon as possible

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