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In recent years, sunshine houses have become popular in China, from high-end consumer groups to the general rise. For example, today, domestic home decoration will order a sunshine house, roof sunshine house, balcony sunshine house, garden sunshine house, high-end sunshine house or electric sunshine house, which has become the choice of modern residents. Nowadays, electric sunshine houses will be more popular. The beautiful appearance and excellent characteristics of the electric sunshine room also give consumers a rare life experience. When consumers order electric sunshine room, do you know the advantages of electric sunshine room

come to know the advantages and characteristics of electric sunshine room with "Kangying", one of the top ten brands of aluminum alloy doors and windows in Guangdong

advantages of electric sunshine room:

1. Electric sunshine room has the characteristics of heat insulation, and the heat transfer coefficient of hollow glass used in inclined roof skylight is 2.5-4 times smaller than that of general glass. Some people have done experiments in the hot season in Guangdong. Under the same environmental conditions, the air conditioner should be turned on 10 times a day in the room with glass windows, but only 3 times in the room with insulating glass

2. The lighting performance of the electric sunlight room is good. The experimental test shows that the lighting effect of the inclined roof window is more than 10% higher than that of the general window. The light can be turned on one hour late every day. At the same time, you can enjoy the night stars

3. The electric sunshine room is decorated with sound insulation and noise prevention, and the insulating glass of the inclined roof skylight can block the noise of more than 29 dB. The hollow part of the electric skylight of the sunshine room adopts German aluminum molecular sieve. The surface is specially treated and has high brightness. It is equipped with a desiccant - zeolite, which can absorb a large amount of water vapor, and the surface of the spacer is not easy to rust. Insulating glass with overall thickness of 26mm. After testing under various climatic conditions, it is proved that it has good thermal insulation and sound insulation performance

4. The appearance of the electric sunshine room is simple and generous. You can choose hollow tempered glass, or customize various glasses according to customer needs. In order to achieve better thermal insulation, sound insulation, solid effect, it is widely used in airports, courtyards, villas, office buildings and public places

5. The principle of automatic opening of the electric skylight in the electric sunshine room is that the automatic window has a drive system device, and the embedded software system will help you control the window. It doesn't need to be so troublesome at home at ordinary times. Like TV and air conditioning, the automatic window is specially equipped with a remote control. You don't need to get up when sitting on the sofa. As long as you press the button, the window will open automatically. The use of automatic window opener has changed the previous thinking action of opening windows, and solved the problem that high windows cannot be opened

features of electric sunlight room:

Electric sunlight room, that is, the electric skylight of sunlight room is composed of aluminum alloy skylight or solid wood skylight with chain electric window opener, so it is also called roof electric skylight. It is not only environmentally friendly, but also easy to use. At the same time, the electric skylight of sunshine room for people living on the inclined roof floor, after the installation of the inclined roof skylight, it can facilitate the increase of the use area of the independent duplex room and the conjoined duplex structure room, and also make the room show a rich European architectural style

the electric sunshine room can bring a different lifestyle to the home. The electric sunshine room is more convenient and easy to use than the traditional sunshine room. After reading it, do you have a new view of the sunshine room, and do you really want to have such a sunshine room? If you like, order one. Electric sunshine room Kangying is a good choice




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