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Recently, according to the latest data in the Research Report of China's door industry, the output of China's door industry has broken the market share of 30billion yuan, and the professional competition is becoming increasingly heated. Through 30 years of development, there are more than 11000 door production companies in China. If the past 30 years have been 30 years for door companies to become rich by relying on a loose shopping environment, imitating each other, and competing for quotations, then what changes will door companies undergo in the next 30 years, such as an winning in the changing shopping mall innovation, will be a topic of concern to all industry insiders

shopping malls have changed quietly

after 30 years of reform and opening up, door shopping malls have shown that spending needs to determine the direction of shopping malls. As long as we clearly and accurately grasp the current spending trend, we can meet the needs of shopping malls very well. Through the baptism of reform and opening up, the minds of the new generation of consumers have changed significantly. The performance of the main set of door industry spending has gradually transitioned from the primary collective spending in the 1950s and 1960s to the characteristic spending in the 1970s and 1980s. In particular, the young generation born after the 1980s has gradually become the backbone of society. They hope to choose household goods according to their own preferences, which more shows their personalized life suggestions

now, the spending concept of consumers born in the 1970s and 1980s tends to be more rational. Due to the accelerated pace of homework and life, they not only have their own unique spending concept in choosing household goods, but also pay more attention to the internal and personality of household brands, which is completely different from the traditional spending collective that attaches importance to the function of goods

tend to develop green goods

in recent years, the concept of collective spending has changed day by day, prompting the company to begin to pay attention to commodity development under the change of new shopping malls. Professionals said that in the future, the development of door products will tend to have two characteristics. First, low carbon and environmental protection. Under the background of the global initiative of low-carbon environmental protection, the new generation of spending groups have a more intense understanding of low-carbon environmental protection. Door production companies are bound to follow the trend and develop green and environmentally friendly products. For example, the company uses environmentally friendly raw materials to continuously improve production technology and optimize production process, and will save energy consumption in the production process, providing consumers with safe and environmentally friendly green low-carbon household doors

according to insiders, the second is that consumers are increasingly looking for characteristic decoration personality, which will promote the door industry commodity design towards characterization and productization, which requires the company to keep pace with the times in commodity appearance design and innovation

attach importance to improving the image of terminals

with the acceleration of urbanization, the effect of urban clusters is becoming increasingly prominent. The change of door shopping malls terminals will directly affect consumers' choice of goods. Recently, an increasing number of consumers began to pay attention to the comfort of the shopping environment. Taking red star Macalline, incredibly home and other brand home stores as examples, their comfortable and elegant shopping environment and characteristic services attracted many consumers to purchase door products

in addition, the rapid expansion of national home furnishing chain stores and the continuous rise of regional stores have forced traditional building materials malls to be promoted. On the one hand, most door companies constantly decorate their stores and improve the shopping environment in order to improve their terminal image. On the other hand, there are also many door companies that have been screened by shopping malls because they can't afford to pay high entrance fees, operating expenses and store protection fees. Terminal stores will eventually be occupied by big brands and powerful companies

terminal stores

will shift from first tier cities to second and third tier cities

in the view of insiders, door companies face high cost terminal stores, and they will eventually shift the construction of terminal stores from first tier cities to second and third tier cities

with the increasing abundance of high-end stores in first tier cities, door companies believe that broader door shopping malls will be launched in second and third tier cities, and even fourth tier cities. The format of these urban stores is not yet mature, and the construction of independent franchised stores is more advantageous, and the operation cost is low. In the future, more companies will choose to build their own terminal stores in the third and fourth tier cities





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