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For a long time, the European style, which is famous for luxury and nobility, has been the decoration type favored by many owners who prefer high-end quality of life. As its finishing touch, what are the characteristics of European style ceiling and what are the skills to decorate it? Let's learn about it together

1. Characteristics of European style ceiling

a. pay attention to the sense of hierarchy

among the characteristics of European style ceiling, the most significant point is that their designers usually pay more attention to emphasizing its sense of hierarchy. For example, highlight the middle area around the center of the ceiling to enrich the vision in the form of a rectangle

b, set off with the ceiling

one of the key reasons why this style can make people feel particularly romantic and different is that they can set off with the ceiling or lights very skillfully. As shown in the figure below, it is independent but not lonely, and it seems to be natural with everything around it, so this is also one of the characteristics of European style ceiling

c, lamps and lanterns are mostly made of crystal or iron

for most female owners, among the characteristics of European style ceiling, the dreamy feeling created by crystal lamp may be the most attractive to them. If you are a friend who likes nostalgic retro style, you may wish to consider another European style ceiling style, such as iron branch lamp, which is very good, and the simple appearance reveals a faint European court like living atmosphere

2, European style decoration needs to grasp the skills

a, the unified light color system with high-end silk accessories

is different from the general sense of magnificence, and the European style ceiling focuses on the use of light color system and high-end silk home accessories to create a low-key sense of luxury

b, fine and grand line depiction

as we all know, European style is usually a home decoration type with strong artistic flavor, so it is suggested that friends who want to decorate their homes into this style might as well consider buying some gold painted and carved picture frames, which will make your home look more European

c choose elegant and comfortable carpets

Europeans who pay attention to the quality of life often like to use carpets that are soft to touch and look elegant and noble to help decorate their homes. It should be noted that try to buy simple and elegant products to avoid too complicated and fancy patterns that lower the texture of the entire indoor space

conclusion: I believe that through the introduction of this article, all owners have a preliminary understanding of the characteristics of European style ceiling and the decoration method of this style of home, but in fact, there are many details involved. I hope you can refer to and understand more when decorating to create a satisfactory European style romantic home





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