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At present, small and medium-sized houses with an area of about 90 square meters are the most popular house types for decoration owners in Wuhan, such as crystal Lidu, outlets V apartment, Yuexiu Xinghui Yunjin and other residential areas with high cost performance. So how to decorate small and medium-sized houses in order to be both beautiful and practical? Wuhan home decoration network editor specially sorted out some cost-effective cases of different styles of home decoration renderings shared by Wuhan decoration companies. This case is a decoration case made by Wuhan XinyiShang decoration in crystal Lidu. No more nonsense, there is a picture and a truth right away

[specific room type]: Crystal Lidu, 95 square meters, two rooms and two halls

[design description]: the designer of this case uses a large number of natural wood elements to create the whole room, making the room full of the warm texture brought by wood elements. The decoration of modern simple style is intended to be simple. When designing, we should pay attention to the planning of space layout, make full use of space as much as possible, and make small house types more practical. Through the rational use of private and public fields, we can provide more storage space. Furniture that pays attention to details but does not make public shows the freshness and simplicity, highlighting the unique charm of becoming a monk

[decoration company]: Wuhan XinyiShang decoration; Package price: 598 yuan/square meter

[space display]

the design of the bathroom distinguishes between dry and wet rooms, and the design of the shower room can avoid the overflow of running water. Some baths are provided by Wuhan Decoration all inclusive 598 package

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