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What small details should be paid attention to when choosing hardware?

although bath hardware is some small parts, its role cannot be ignored. Without it, you will always feel that the bathroom is a little worse. Due to the special bathroom environment, we should pay special attention to the material and coating when selecting hardware products, so as to ensure that there are no water rust and other problems in the process of use. Xiaobian summarized some experience of netizens in decorating and buying bathroom hardware, that is to do “ Four look &rdquo

first, look at the material. At present, the materials of bathroom hardware accessories in the market are probably the following: titanium alloy, copper chromium, stainless steel chromium plating, aluminum alloy chromium plating, iron chromium plating, plastic and so on. Among these materials, titanium alloy hardware accessories are of the best quality, while plastic products are of the worst quality. Pure copper chromium plated products can prevent oxidation and rarely fade; Chromium plating on stainless steel is cheap, but it takes a short time to use. Although hardware accessories are small things, consumers should pay attention to choosing high-quality products, otherwise they will replace the accessories every time

second, look at the coating. Coating treatment is very important for hardware pendant, which is related to the service life, smoothness and wear resistance of products. The good coating is dark and shiny, with a sense of moisture, while the poor coating is dull. The good coating is very flat, while the poor coating will have wavy fluctuations on the surface if you look carefully. Those with pits on the surface must be inferior products. The good coating is relatively wear-resistant. The samples placed by merchants in the store should be wiped every day. There are basically no scratches on the surface of good products, while there will be dense scratches on the surface of inferior products

third, look at the brand. If you want to buy bathroom hardware accessories with after-sales guarantee, consumers had better choose brand hardware accessories. Although the price of brand items is high, when the quality of accessories has problems, consumers can find merchants to replace or repair. Generally speaking, it is more cost-effective to buy brand hardware accessories. Silver Crystal bathroom brands selected into the top ten national bathroom accessories are a good choice

IV. look at the supporting facilities. The three sanitary wares of bathroom occupy the largest position in the bathroom, so we can't let sanitary wares match with hardware accessories, but let hardware accessories match with sanitary wares. When choosing bathroom hardware accessories, you must consider whether these accessories match the purchased sanitary ware. Now there are all kinds of hardware accessories on the market. When choosing, consumers should pay attention to whether the color, material and model conform to the overall decoration style of the bathroom. If they only like it, it is likely that the accessories they finally choose will appear awkward in the bathroom

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