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Qianfan printing factory closed down (Continued): Cangshan District issued living expenses for disabled workers

Fuzhou Qianfan Printing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Qianfan) closed down, and the boss Bao went abroad in debt (see our previous report for details). Afterwards, Qianfan's bank account was frozen, but more than 100 disabled employees did not receive a total of more than 200000 yuan for more than one month. It was learned yesterday that the human resources and Social Security Bureau of Cangshan District has successively paid 1170 yuan of living expenses to employees who have not received their salaries, so as to alleviate their living difficulties. It is also in vain that they can not keep up with the service in the later stage

some disabled employees told that on November 27, people from Cangshan District human resources and Social Security Bureau went to the factory to register the employees who did not receive salaries and did not pay them. There are more than 100 disabled workers in the factory. Only 3 of them have received their salaries, and none of the others have received their salaries in November

yesterday afternoon, the relevant person in charge of Cangshan District human resources and Social Security Bureau said in an interview that on November 26, after they saw the report of this newspaper, they learned that more than 100 disabled employees did not receive wages and immediately reported to their superiors. Cangshan 25.0 district government also allocated a sum of money from the finance to solve the living problems of disabled employees. Since yesterday, they have started to distribute the money one after another. As for the remaining wages, they will communicate with the bank and strive for the bank to unfreeze Qianfan's account or to give priority to the payment of wages through the court auction procedure. Some disabled workers said that as the new year approached, they hoped that the relevant departments could solve the difficulties for the workers as soon as possible

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