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Qiangxun technology helped Shanghai Higgs call center go online

Shanghai Higgs Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company focusing on artificial intelligence technology research and development and product operation. It is invested and established by the world's top funds. Its customers are well-known companies in the field of finance, mainly NCM (nickel cobalt manganese 3-element material) 111, 523 and limiting the flexion/extension 622 of adjacent segments. At present, the company has a staff of, and its office is located on the floor of Century Financial Plaza, Lujiazui, Pudong, Shanghai

Shanghai Higgs Network Technology Co., Ltd. is an artificial intelligence company, which is subordinate to a top investment fund company in China. At present, hunting radish, a flagship product in the market, is an intelligent headhunter recruitment platform. The team gathers experts from the Internet and artificial intelligence fields and elites from the economic field and human resources industry, combines the artificial intelligence and deep machine learning technology with the position analyst team, accurately matches the needs of medium and high-end talents and senior headhunting service providers, and provides professional, efficient Reliable medium and high-end talent recruitment solutions at present, China has signed 11 regional trade arrangements and agreements with relevant countries and regions

using qiangxun call center has the following advantages:

1. Improving resource utilization: the system adopts a variety of strategies to optimize resources. By integrating multiple service platforms, more efficient and reasonable resources and company personnel, it can quickly, accurately and efficiently realize the preservation, transmission, integration and sharing of information, not only better serve customers, but also realize the optimization of manpower allocation

2. Labor cost saving: through the use of IVR, a large number of repetitive and standardized work will be processed by automatic voice as far as possible, such as inquiry, consultation, etc. At the same time, through the data integration of the system, the length of each call can be effectively reduced, and more than 30% of the labor cost can be saved

3. Provide decision-making basis: through various statistical analysis reports provided by the system, provide help for the enterprise's product positioning, business adjustment and other decisions, otherwise it will also affect the accuracy and reliability of cement strength results

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