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This year, the production capacity of PVC will be increased again

although the current production capacity of PVC and caustic soda in the chlor alkali industry is far in excess of demand, the expansion of production in the chlor alkali industry continues. According to statistics, in 2009, 9 enterprises in the chlor alkali industry conducted new construction and expansion. 8. experimental speed::0.001~500mm/min (arbitrary adjustment), and the new capacity reached 2million tons

it is reported that due to the impact of the financial crisis and the excessive expansion of chlor alkali industry in recent years, China's chlor alkali industry has entered a downward channel since the fourth quarter of last year. The dual pressure of sharp reduction in downstream demand and overcapacity has made the chlor alkali industry enter a difficult stage. 2 Adjustment period of oscilloscope. According to the statistics of chlor alkali Association, the average operating rate of the industry in 2008 was only 55%; The average operating rate in 2009 is expected to reach only 50%. There are 17 idle PVC enterprises with an idle capacity of 935000 tons. Nevertheless, a large number of chlor alkali projects were put into operation in 2009. Pingmei Shenma 300000 tons of PVC and 300000 tons of caustic soda, Shaanxi Beiyuan 200000 tons of PVC and 200000 tons of caustic soda, Guangxi Tiandong Jinsheng phase I 200000 tons of PVC and 200000 tons of caustic soda, Inner Mongolia Junzheng 400000 tons of PVC and 400000 tons of caustic soda, Inner Mongolia Wuhai 150000 tons of PVC and 150000 tons of caustic soda, Hongli chemical 120000 tons of PVC and 120000 tons of caustic soda, Guangxi Liuhua 100000 tons of PVC The 100000 ton caustic soda project and the 200000 ton PVC project in Yingchuan, Gansu will be put into operation as scheduled. In addition, new projects will be started or completed and put into operation from 2010 to 2012. For example, Xinjiang Zhongtai 450000 ton PVC and 320000 ton caustic soda project, Shandong Xinfa chemical 400000 ton PVC project and Korea Hanhua 300000 ton PVC project are planned to be put into operation in 2010; What are the five main functions of the tensile testing machine for the 1million ton PVC project of Anhui HuaSu? What are the five main functions of the tensile testing machine? Automatic shutdown function: after the sample is broken, the project has been started and is expected to be put into operation in May 2011

the head of China Chlor Alkali Industry Association pointed out that in the face of continuous new production capacity, the chlor alkali industry must promote industry restructuring and integration, rely on technological progress and scientific and technological innovation, and realize the internationalization of the chlor alkali industry in order to achieve healthy and sustainable development

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