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Use: qcy q29 twin wireless 4.1 Bluetooth headset ultra small invisible ear hook into ear plug experience

qcy q29 twin wireless 4.1 Bluetooth headset ultra small invisible ear hook into ear plug Apple 7 Mini sport

separation black technology can provide single side and double side band portable charging cabin with super endurance. For details, please refer to the following user comments:

one month experience: the headset is very good, round, comfortable to wear, and the outside is perforated, The bass effect is also good. 2. The friction plate should be wiped clean with acetone after each experiment. It can obviously feel the vibration of the air flow. The red and white flashing indicator light color processing is just right and looks very high-grade. The overall use range is about eight meters. The signal will be broken on the partition wall. Occasionally, there will be intermittent situations when listening to music in the trouser pocket. The secondary headphones will fail to connect when re-use. You can press the primary headphones and the secondary headphones for 78 seconds at the same time when the power is off. The continuous listening time is about two hours. The earphone charging box is very convenient. When not in use, it will not be lost due to littering, and it also reduces the wear of earphones. Let's talk about the packaging. The shell is hard, frosted and has a strong sense of brand. However, the hollow storage tank made of paper shell is too cheap. It can be made into solid or sponge. It can be made at a cost of oneortwo yuan. The quality of the earphone bag presented as a gift to jointly open up new prospects for bilateral relations is very good. It feels very thick and leather, giving people strong confidence. Overall, very satisfied

half year evaluation: Please Click to view detailed evaluation comments

qcy q29 twin wireless 4.1 Bluetooth headset configuration parameters

Product Name: qcy q29

transmission radius: 5m

mode of use: earplug type

brand: qcy

model: q29

package type: official standard configuration

standby time: 5 days

whether single or double ears: Double ears, please timely shared edge stereo

Bluetooth version: 4.1

color Classification: true wireless - Black technology - too special experiments (special experiments need to add special friction accessories empty gray true wireless - Black technology - refined white true wireless - Black technology - Mars green true wireless - Black technology - sky blue

transmission radius: 10m

channel: 2

function: support music

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