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The seriation of PVDF resin for domestic water treatment membrane

led by Sinochem Lantian, has reduced the relative error of experimental force formula value. Tsinghua University phase 1 has been built. DSM: production of next-generation usbnbsp of high-performance polyamide materials; The development and application of high-performance polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) materials in urban sewage treatment, a sub subject of the national "863" plan project large-scale key technology of high-performance separation membrane materials (phase I), which is jointly participated in by type-C connector and production, Beijing seno Membrane Technology Co., Ltd. and Sichuan national water treatment center, has passed the acceptance organized by the Ministry of science and technology

at present, the synthesis technology of PVDF series resin for water treatment membrane has been mature, and the performance of industrialized products is stable. It can provide domestic high-performance PVDF series resin for water treatment membrane to replace imported similar products. This is not only beneficial to the film making and using enterprises to reduce the cost of film materials, but also brings considerable economic benefits to the domestic resin enterprises

the objective of this project is to meet the needs of advanced treatment and recycling of urban sewage, and to develop a green and environmentally friendly manufacturing technology of tips (thermally induced phase separation) high-performance PVDF hollow fiber membrane; Build an industrialization base with an annual output of 2million square meters of hollow fiber membranes and corresponding membrane modules; Develop a special resin suitable for preparing high-performance PVDF membrane by tips method, improve the anti pollution ability and service life of the membrane, and make it reach the international advanced level

through the joint research of the undertaking units, the research group has achieved the expected goal, successfully developed the special PVDF resin products for water treatment membrane, realized the localization of PVDF resin for water treatment membrane, and replaced the imported products. The subject has also broken through the technical bottleneck of preparing high-performance pvdf3 by tips method and measuring accuracy: ± 0.5% hollow fiber membrane, developed a large-scale, high-precision, continuous and stable green advanced manufacturing process, and built the first domestic production line of tips PVDF hollow fiber membrane with an annual output of 2million square meters. The product performance has reached the international advanced level and successfully replaced the products of international famous brands. The environmental and economic benefits are very significant

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