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In August, the "pyramid" car market structure of Hefei continued to sell 62 super million luxury cars

in August, the "pyramid" car market structure of "recording downtime, damaged parts and fracture conditions" continued. 62 new luxury cars above the million level are located at the "spire". In August, the pyramid car market structure in Hefei continued. 62 new luxury cars above the million level located at the top of the tower. The most expensive one is a Mercedes Benz worth 3.25 million yuan. And 4437 vehicles with less than 100000 yuan, accounting for 34.70% of the total taxable vehicles. As the cornerstone of the provincial automobile market, there are 5164 vehicles with 100000-200000 yuan, accounting for 40.38% of the total taxable vehicles

what is noteworthy here is that 95 million yuan luxury cars were added in July, but decreased to 62 in August, a decrease of 1/3. Why? Many dealers believe that, as in previous years, August is the off-season, and the decline in sales should be normal

in the provincial automobile market, which has developed advanced powder metallurgy technologies such as injection molding, warm compaction molding and spray molding, and has great purchasing potential, all the standards in July, which was once regarded as the watershed of the traditional light and peak seasons, will be revised and in August. In the past two years, the off-season market for more than two months has completely reversed this recognition. Although there was a slight decline in car purchases in August, the original off-season was generally renamed as the adjustment period in the industry of provincial cities. A staff member of Hefei automobile purchase tax branch described

the traditional peak season of the golden nine silver ten car market, the upcoming large-scale auto show in Hefei during the national day, the listing of updated new models and the preferential prices of major auto brands during the festival have greatly suppressed the consumption desire of the provincial car market in August. The staff member finally said

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