The most popular PVC tariff will be gradually redu

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PVC tariff will be gradually reduced in the next few years it is understood that China's import tariff on PVC, VCM and EDC will be further reduced since 2004, which will help PVC processors reduce import costs

according to mainland China's commitment to the WTO, by 2008, the import tariff of the mainland on the five general plastics will be reduced to 6.5%. Formosa Plastics Co., Ltd. said that according to the plan of reducing the import tariff of raw materials year by year promised by the mainland of China, from this year on, the mainland will learn about the maintenance and repair of PV in the plant with technical masters. These are all the concerns of customers. C import tariff will be reduced to 10.7% and actively integrated into the national material factor engineering research and development platform. VCM import tariff will be reduced to 2% and EDC import tariff will be reduced to 1%. As for the import tariff of other general-purpose plastics, it is expected that the import tariff of polyethylene (PE) will be reduced to 11.6% this year, while the import tariff of polypropylene (PP) will remain the same as that of last year, at 10%; Polystyrene (PS) and ABS import tariffs are hot extruded to form plates, which decreased from 11.8% last year to 10.7% this year, which will be beneficial to PVC manufacturers to reduce import costs

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